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Carla Perry, publisher, Dancing Moon Press, Newport, Ore., has this to say about Don Cauble's work: "The poems are splendid, unique, inventive, emotional, true.... The commentary is brutally honest, raw, believable, a life fraught with many of the myriad fraughts in the world. The people are interesting characters because they are living real lives and are involved with real-life issues – lovers, children, searching for home, seeking spirituality, trying to understand what happened when things go wrong. Trying, or not trying to do the best they can. The sex is well-portrayed – lusty, direct, but never offensive or embarrassing (to the reader), which is a fine line. The narrator speaks lyrically, using abundant metaphor and simile, disclosing his flaws as he finds them. The poetry covers similar territory to the novel excerpts, and is told by the same narrator, but from a different set of tools and this adds to the book's overall development. The words in the poetry are polished, pared down to their essence, their "aura." Cauble conveys feelings well, and by reading his words, we touch those feelings."
"Don Cauble is one of the finest narrative poets to emerge in the last fifty years. The publication of ON THE BACKS OF SEAHORSES' EYES, a compilation of poetry and prose covering several decades of his being and becoming, represents a major contribution to American writing.

Cauble’s poetry belongs with the mystics who for centuries have grappled with the sacred and profane, whose exalted and ecstatic yearnings for Oneness have been firmly rooted in the here and now. Not religious but spiritual. Not New Age but for all the ages, past, present and future."
William Hageman, author
Living in the O;

Art Lindenberg
Dancing Moon Press
"a full service book production company"
More Acclaim
"On the backs of seahorses' eyes, a tapestry of wonder and of words, poems, tales, memoirs, opened me up to possibilities to universes within universes. Don Cauble, a spiritual traveler, takes us on the journey from the early 1960's—when he was young but already wise—to the present. His poems, excerpts, memoirs urge us to join him and to discover ourselves.

"Don Cauble seduces us with poems, poems that take us from the inside of intimate moments and create from them the birth of the entire Universe. Then he gives us a glimpse of a time before the birth of it all. He sees the universal in the particular, and goes before beginnings.

"And then the words blow out of the Big Bang and into tales of when he lived in Greece, of when he lived in Eugene. We meet other travelers along the way. Again he caresses us with aroma of flowers and with blazing color and light. Oceans wash over us. The fire consumes us in his vision.

"On the backs of seahorses' eyes goes far beyond the words and works that are there. We can read On the backs of seahorses' eyes in one sitting, or we can read one work, one poem, or story, or memoir, or excerpt. We can let it reverberate and sing to you. Then when we are ready we can read another or just read the same one again."

Arthur Lindenberg, writer, photographer, teacher, traveler
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