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This Passing World / Journey From a Greek Prison
THIS PASSING WORLD tells the story of one man’s journey to free himself from the prisons—within and without—of his own making. The time emerges from the depths of forgotten memories: everything rings with a universal chord, for we have all been prisoners of something once. How does one transcend? THIS PASSING WORLD suggests a way and leads us gently by relating the characters’ experiences.
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       The big iron gate
I see a man in pain and a man who wants death,
and a man who asks "Why

He turns to me in anger
and I hear an old man talking to the stars.
"What do the stars tell you, Old Man?"

The old man mumbles under a great moustache,
"Tonight the stars are joking with me!"

And I hear the guards closing the big iron gate.
Beyond walls
To see you for just moments—
my heart turns to rage.

I'm in prison, guards at every turn.

I see you through an iron screen.
I love you beyond walls,
beyond rage and the guards.

Remember, they shot Garcia Lorca.
They tried Blake for treason.
Who escapes?

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