Seahorses' Eyes
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Don Cauble grew up in a small rural town in Georgia; received an MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry from the University of Oregon in 1966; has lived in Atlanta, Tampa, San Francisco, Greece, and Denmark; and now lives in Portland, Oregon.

He has published several books of poetry: Inside Out; Three on Fire; I am the one who walks the road / A collection of poetry by Douglas Balzek, Tom Kryss, Don Cauble, and poet-painter Linda Neufer. In 2006 he published his first novel: This Passing World/ Journey From A Greek Prison.

About himself he has this to say: “The details of my personal life matter little. What matters is who I am in relation to the timeless. My writings are an attempt to answer the question: Who am I? To follow this question is take the journey of your life. It is the journey that will lead you to the source of your being (and the Source of all that is).”
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             A whisper, a song, a light in the darkness
My poems and writings have been an archetypal and spiritual/soul journey through the passions and bold dramatics of youth to the later poems of self-restraint, openness, and equipoise. Beginning with the section "Remembrance of you / Journey to Greece," my writings shed their intense symbolic and sometimes surreal speech for a more direct, personal, and intimate voice. The best of my poems contain simple, timeless expressions of ongoing consciousness.

As a poet, I live in two worlds simultaneously. I live in the everyday, ordinary world: the illusory, social, man-made world of fear, survival, struggle, pain, pleasure, death: a world of descriptions and measurements: a stagnant consciousness of good and evil, right and wrong: all the components and manifestations of earth consciousness. At the same time, as poet and human being, I exist in the forever world of sprit: a dimension of love, light, joy: the dimensions of thought. Desire, imagination, intentions: these create the shift, the road, the pathway, between the world of illusions and the world of isness. The world of light and the world of shadows.

As a ray of sunlight is to the sun, the best poems—The ones that move us, the ones that awaken us to the wisdom of the heart, the ones that allow us with fresh eyes to share in the great mystery that's within and all around us—These poems bring to us a ray of light that reveals who we are in relation to each other, to the earth, and to our greater identity in the universe. A poem will ultimately fall by the wayside if it does not point to the source of all that is and remind us of who and what we are becoming, however elusive or ineffable the remembrance may be.

     — Don Cauble
Carla Perry, publisher, Dancing Moon Press, has this to say about ON THE BACKS OF SEAHORSES EYES:

"The poems are splendid, unique, inventive, emotional, true.... The commentary is brutally honest, raw, believable, a life fraught with many of the myriad fraughts in the world. The people are interesting characters because they are living real lives and are involved with real-life issues – lovers, children, searching for home, seeking spirituality, trying to understand what happened when things go wrong. Trying, or not trying to do the best they can. The sex is well-portrayed – lusty, direct, but never offensive or embarrassing (to the reader), which is a fine line. The narrator speaks lyrically, using abundant metaphor and simile, disclosing his flaws as he finds them. The poetry covers similar territory to the novel excerpts, and is told by the same narrator, but from a different set of tools and this adds to the book's overall development. The words in the poetry are polished, pared down to their essence, their "aura." Cauble conveys feelings well, and by reading his words, we touch those feelings."

 I am the one
who walks the road
I have shaken the dust
of the old prophecies and ancient laws
off my immutable soul.
I walk away from their terrible judgments.
I walk now the way toward forgiveness
and the radiance of my own spirit—
and the heart of all that is living.
I walk. I walk.